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Hello everybody,

I would like to introduce myself. My name is MALOLA - the LOLA of MALLORCA - and from today on I will send you creative greetings from the dream island Mallorca in regular intervals.

Even if you can not currently visit this beautiful island, I now bring you the ultimate Mallorca feeling home. My messages are to bring the sun of Mallorca in your hearts and conjure up a smile in your faces with lots of color and humor.

In my messages I combine the island themes of the season with the power of the sun and the most dazzling colors of the art of BRITTA HURTER. Together with BRITTA I jet from now on across the island, to all the spots that you currently miss very much. With this, we two ladies once again live up to our reputation: brave, optimistic and a little crazy. But we let you look through our eyes and bring the island feeling home to you.

Can there be anything better than to start my Mallorca-greeting-series with the almond blossom? The picture was taken on February 13, 2021 on the way between Portocolom and S'Horta. Also this year the weather becomes slowly milder to the almond blossom. The sun lets itself be seen more often and the island begins to shine and blossom.


Sunny greetings from the most beautiful island in the world



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